• The Hazards of Love #0: An Honest Mistake [20 pages]

    Amparo makes at least two bad decisions and loses something very important, while pining after beautiful and intelligent Iolanthe. Beautiful and intelligent Iolanthe wonders if she's the sort of freshman who'd date someone like Amparo.
  • The Hazards of Love #1: Bright World [22 pages]

    Amparo (or the person formerly known as Amparo, to be exact) finds themselves smack in the middle of the jungla, being chased by something that wants to eat them. Luckily, someone shows up to save them - and introduce them to Bright World, the place they now find themselves.
  • The Hazards of Love #2: Mimí [23 pages]

    Miss Mimí takes in our protagonist (formerly Amparo) while they try to get a job in Bright World. A member of Mimí's staff reluctantly teaches our protagonist a little about Bright World and its strange rules and inhabitants.
  • The Hazards of Love #3: Hands and Feet [21 pages]

    Iolanthe finds herself wondering about the changes Amparo's gone through over the past month and whether or not they're too good to be true. Meanwhile, the person formerly known as Amparo takes what they think is the best option, which is the one that allows them to be rude to Miss Mimí.
  • The Hazards of Love #4: Al Mal Tiempo Buena Cara [20 pages]

    The bad news is our protagonist has lost their hands. The good news is they've gained a slightly better job and a name they don't have to share with anyone. Our protagonist laments their current situation while getting to know their new employer, a well-dressed doctor known as El Ciervo. It's not the easiest start, but our protagonist is not about to give up yet.
  • The Hazards of Love #5: Idle Hands [21 pages]

    Fawn discovers the perks and pitfalls of working for El Ciervo and discovers another human who has managed to survive in Bright World. Also they get themselves some free orange juice.
  • The Hazards of Love #6: Belling the Cat [20 pages]

    Iolanthe finds herself caught up in the tangled web of school politics, even while becoming more suspicious of Amparo. Meanwhile, Juliana and Fawn do their best to gather some information while the clock ticks down against them.
  • The Hazards of Love #7: Si Fuera Falso [21 pages]

    Fawn plots to get their missing memory back from Mimí, going so far as to seek help from Rafael. El Ciervo decides to relax, which for him means ruining everyone else's good time.
  • The Hazards of Love #8: Taking Leave [20 pages]

    Juliana is in dire straits, Rafael calls in a favor, El Ciervo loses his temper, and Fawn finds some hope. In the human world, Amparo flexes their muscles and Iolanthe frets. And in the end, someone loses some fingers.
  • The Hazards of Love #9: Where It Hurts [20 pages]

    Fawn confronts El Ciervo about Juliana's fate, which doesn't go super great. Fawn must then steal from a minotaur, which technically goes well, but doesn't feel as though it did.
  • The Hazards of Love #10: Ecdysis [22 pages]

    Amparo has some thoughts about their situation. Meanwhile, Fawn is just trying to live their life, but their body is going through some ch-ch-ch-changes.
  • The Hazards of Love #11: Ciervo y Cervato [22 pages]

    Iolanthe is going to find out where Amparo is and what happened to them, even if she has to do it alone. (Luckily, she doesn't have to.) Meanwhile, Fawn receives a mysterious visitor and a well-needed dose of hope.
  • Intermission: Filler [8 pages]

    Arc One (Bright World) has ended! Between that and Arc Two, I took a month-long break to share some secrets and some fun stuff in filler. :)
  • The Hazards of Love #12: Nada más fuerte [19 pages]

    Iolanthe gets some answers to her questions, which in turn raise more questions and... well. At least she's making some new friends. (New friends may or may not include the manifestation of death.)
  • The Hazards of Love #13: Through Your Teeth [20 pages]

    Juliana and Fawn get comfortable. Too comfortable. Fawn confronts Mimí. Things come to a head, you might say.
  • The Hazards of Love #14: Lucky 13 [26 pages]

    Iolanthe and Al meet 12 of the former Fawns in this very special musical episode.
  • The Hazards of Love #15: Fawn [19 pages]

    Fawn confronts Rafael and demands answers. Somewhat to their surprise, he acquiesces. In the humble safety of Rafael's home, Fawn learns a little more about Bright World and about Rafael's motives.
  • The Hazards of Love #16: Insomnia [20 pages]

    Iolanthe and Al have some trouble sleeping and not taking particularly good care of themselves. Maybe they can take care of each other, though?
  • The Hazards of Love: Dissection [46 pages]

    A dissection of the heart of the one that got away, exploring the four chambers of who, what, where, and why.
  • The Hazards of Love #17: Pas De Deux [21 pages]

    Entrée, Adaigo, Variation, Variation, Coda. Fawn digs for information from Rafael and El Ciervo both, but they must remember to watch their footwork.
  • The Hazards of Love #18: The Other Fawn [21 pages]

    Al tracks down Veronica. Veronica reluctantly tells Iolanthe what she knows about Bright World. And to think, they say it's hard to make new friends when you're an adult.
  • The Hazards of Love #19: Dig His Grave [18 pages]

    Fawn and the Seamstress have a picnic to exchange information. Our Fawn gets a phone call and makes some new friends.
  • The Hazards of Love 20: A-hunting we will go [21 pages]

    The Fawns are on a hunt for something to help kill El Ciervo. Off they go, into the deeper parts of the land of the dead. Tensions rise, an ally is found, and nothing will be the same again.
  • The Hazards of Love 21: Variables [22 pages]

    Iolanthe is forced to call backup when Veronica gets a little too into a Kenny Rogers song. Juliana is forced to think quickly when an unpleasant visitor surprises her. And Veronica, actually, has a terrible idea.
  • The Hazards of Love #22: Sectrix of Maclaurin [20 pages]

    Veronica attempts a rescue; so does Fawn.
  • The Hazards of Love 23: The Doctor [21 pages]

    Once upon a time, there was a man in love
  • 24: Más Vale Tarde Que Nunca [24 pages]

    Fawn tries to not die. El Ciervo tries to help. Everyone else tries to hang on.
  • 25: The Magician [18 pages]

    [In Progress] Hey, what happened to Juliana?