Tiger, tiger: If you like fantasy comics, this would be a good one to follow. Gorgeous art. Queer as heck.

Gunnerkrigg Court: Been running for awhile, and still a great read. I used to read this along with my little sister who is 13 years younger than I am, and it was a nice way to bond, and now I miss my sister.

Emily Carroll’s Stuff: She does creepy comics and cool art. I am really bad at telling you why to read things, I’m sorry about that.

All Night Laundry: Time travel story fueled by audience input. A journalism student tries to wash some clothes, gets caught up in a supernatural mystery instead.

Kill 6 Billion Demons: It’s rare that a rich, complex story is paired with a rich, complex art style. K6BD is amazing.


My tumblr: I post things that are pretty and sometimes I get angry on behalf of science.

HoL tumblr: I post things related to The Hazards of Love, like when it updates or art.

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