January 29, 2019

Hallo, I am back, thanks to 1) my immune system, and 2) a friend lending me their computer so I can finish up those gosh darn colors.

This is not my favorite cover, but I needed/wanted to put up SOMETHING so I could get going with the rest of the comic. So, I finally decided, “fuck it, I’m going to play with it a little,” which is why you get everything from a desaturation gradient to the text exiting their containment border. Went back to that allegory style, taking inspiration this time from contemporary artist Lynn Nguyen. When I get my computer back, I’ll likely work on a better cover for this issue, but for now this works as a placeholder.

Anyway, check out the new cast page, now Act 2 compliant, and I’ll see you Friday for the next page. 🙂

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