Aug 10, 2021

I know, I know, the author is dead. And yet, I want to talk about a thing I put into this comic.

Bathing symbolizes power; when else is someone so vulnerable? A bathtub in Bright World is a luxury item. Juliana jokes about sneaking into Mimí’s private bathroom and stealing some bathtub time. In the second issue, we see the Paola’s sad little washstand, compared to Mimí’s sumptuous bubble baths. Rafael has stubbornly made for himself an outdoor shower, which is later echoed by Veronica’s no nonsense, post-workout shower.

But it did mean I had to put El Ciervo in a bathtub. And I’m not mad that the folks who enjoy monsters might enjoy him in this fashion.

Simply, I wanted to make sure that the symbolism wasn’t lost. That’s all.

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