October 9, 2018

  • There is a diner in Crown Heights where you always seem to end up at weird hours when odd things are happening. This is that diner. I’ve found myself there at a 4 am, a 5 am, a 2 pm, and all of those are very weird hours indeed.
  • Having a car in Crown Heights isn’t as hard as in, say, Manhattan. Jay has a very solid Ford It’sFineReally, with only a few dents in it here and there.
  • In the kitchen, the staff has on the radio (they have long negotiated a truce over what music they play, and finally everyone agreed that they liked the oldies station – las buenas, las viejitas, las oldiesbutgoodies). The Shirelles are singing Dedicated to the One I Love while Iolanthe’s heart cracks in half.

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