September 18, 2018

You Don’t Own Me is a very Juliana song, honestly.
Lose Your Soul is Fawn going about their daily routine.
La Malagueña – explicitly when sung by Gaby Moreno – is Fawn’s attraction to Juliana, their sad friend who is nowhere near as hard as she tries to be.
Interlude is what dawning skywhite sounds like
Seven Nation Army – go Team Bright World
Oye Mi Amor is that song that seems to always be playing in a bar. It (or something like it) is probably always playing at Mimí’s before it opens/when it’s just opened and no one’s really there yet except Juliana and the Paolas, setting up
If I Had a Heart is the tension you feel when you know you’re about to pay for a mistake you made, your heartbeat in your throat and shivers down your spine.
La Bruja is there for Doña Blanca, the Seamstress.
This version of La Llorona is a bit more melancholy than creepy, the sort of thing that would play after you might’ve killed a guy, you don’t know, and you’ve been trying not to cry but oh no you’re crying
Rabbit Heart encompasses the determination and hope at the end of Arc 1. Things are dire… but Fawn’s going to face ’em head on.

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